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56-142% to month ITF Royal
ITF Royal

Deposit from 100$ to 1000$ at 56-142% per month (1.5-3% daily) automatic capitalization contribution

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Challenger Plus

Deposit from 1001$ to 5000$ at 81-224% per month (2-4% daily) automatic capitalization contribution

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Golden Masters

Deposit from 5001$ to 30000$ at 142-332% per month (3-5% daily) automatic capitalization contribution

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Investment project "Rich invest" was launched July 29, 2014. It is a synthesis of the three most profitable sectors of the modern economy - financial analysis and forecasting, network and online commerce. According to the monetary theory, there are two ways of capitalusage - consumption and saving. Passive savings lead to withdrawal of the recources from circulation - both macro and microeconomically, creating conditions for financial crises. In order to avoid such undesirable consequences temporarily free funds should migrate from a passive to an active reserve. In economics, this process is called investment. One of the types of investments that do not require special education, skills, time are indirect investments. What differs indirect investments from direct ones is that the depositor on clearly defined terms transmits existing assets to the intermediaries (banks, broker, financial analyst) and after a certain period of time specified in the contract, profits from the investments used in capital turnover. "Rich invest" operates on an indirect investments basis. The investor based on the the conditions of one of the investment programs transmits his assets to our analysists, that are in charge of its distribution and activation. As a result, the investor gets the profit, consisting of the actual amount of investment and a “percent” profit defined by the terms terms of the investment program. The leading direction of our work is sports investment. Our teaml of experienced sports and financial analysts thoroughly analyzes the statistics and the ratio of tennis matches outcomes and betting rates around the world, builds investment strategies to minimize the risk and maximize the profit of the investments. What we offer our investors are 4 investment programs , whic are different in maximum and minimum limits of initial investments (from 100 to 100,000 USD) and fixed interest payments percentage (from 1.5 to 6 daily). Programs are developed by our experts in a way that both an experienced investor or a beginner can feel comfortable. In addition, we offer our investors a special referral program on which they can receive a one-time 10% profit from the first installment of each attracted investor. Another two aspects our work of our project are consulting and training. Cooperating with us, you not only get the opportunity to transfer your capital to the next level, but also get a free educational course on sports and financial analysis from our professionals, which provides you with full discriprion of this investmen branch and the ability to be in full control of the operations fulfilled. To learn more about our team please go to "About us" page.

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